Thursday, January 27, 2011

With Snow and Cold Up North the Mind Turns to Florida and Your Second Home…

 With Snow and cold up north, the mind turns to Florida and your second home…  

I learned a long time ago (OK, about eight years ago)  that when the weather in the northeast gets cold and the snows start coming folks have a tendency to get “orange juice in their veins.”

Actually I coined the phrase after my first winter in real estate in Brevard County Florida.  I realized so many of the folks I was showing houses to were snowbirds who had come for a visit and “just had to buy a home here.”

Very few purchased but I learned about the effects of the orange juice!

Looking at my blogs today Florida Homes for Sale as well as Florida Homes and Condos for Sale   I realized that the majority of web site visitors over the past week have been from places up north like
  • Sharon, MA, 
  • Chesapeake, VA (to us you are north!) 
  • Rochester, NH, 
  • Scarsdale, NY,  
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia, 
  • Hamburg, NJ 
  • Memphis, TN (you are north too!), 
  • Howell, NJ 
Well, you get the picture!   So, as you struggle to stay warm, you start thinking of warmer climates think about  moving to Brevard County, Florida

I know it is the winter and it will only be 65 tomorrow!