Monday, February 16, 2015

What questions will my real estate agent ask me before they list my Florida home for sale?

Although it is not meant to be nosy your initial contact with a Florida real estate agent will probably involve a lot of questions.  (This applies as well to other states I am sure.)

Most of these early questions will will be centered around a seller's objective.  While the obvious objective is to sell there are lots of issues impacting that major goal.

Specifically,  multifaceted questions should solicit information about about a seller's timeline and reason(s) for selling.

The questions will likely ask about what lies ahead especially if building a new home or buying and how it affects the timeline.  In the current Brevard County, Florida real estate market a house may be under contract within a few days with buyers ready to close in a month or 45 days.

Other questions may touch on the mortgage balance (if any), known issues affecting the property (physically as well as any potential title/legal problems (short sale, bankruptcy, probate, etc.)
It is critical your real estate agent have a clear understanding of the circumstances surrounding the sale in order to individualize a marketing plan.  There is more to selling a home than putting a sign out front!

By the way one obvious question has been omitted much do you want for your house?   That will be dealt with after an understanding of the seller's circumstances and goals is attained.

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Chelsea Park Subdivison in Rockledge, Florida (Homes For Sale in February 2015)

Chelsea Park in Rockledge Florida offers homeowners larger homes, non-zero lot line lots and reasonable homeowner association fees all in a great Brevard County location.  Chelsea Park offers residents room to roam with more privacy than many of the newer subdivisions offer!

Chelsea Park is located near several golf courses (Viera East Golf Course, Turtle Creek Golf Course  and within minutes of Duran Golf Club), easy access to major routes like US 1 and Interstate 95, and is about 45 miles from Orlando. 

Currently there are six homes for sale in the Chelsea Park subdivision.   List prices for these homes range from $197,000 to $379,000.

Two of the six homes for sale are foreclosures and the remainder standard sales.  These homes vary in sq. ft. under air from just over 1,800 to about 3,400 sq. ft. (from 3 bedroom to as much as five bedrooms).  Homes for sale in Chelsea Park range from some newer construction (2014 built) to homes constructed in 2001.

Since December 1, 2014 there have been three homes sold in Chelsea Park.  Homes sold included:
  • 285 Tunbridge Drive - a three bedroom two bath three car garage 2005 built home with 1,586 sq ft sold for $220,000. (Jan 2015 sale).
  • 390 Brookcrest Circle - a three bedroom two bath two car garage 2002 built home with 2,108 sq ft under air, (Jan 2015 sale).
  • 552 Glenbrook Circle - a 2014 built four bedroom two bath two car garage home with 2,107 sq. ft. sold for $245,000.(Dec 2014 sale).
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Monday, February 2, 2015

Should a Seller Get Repair Estimates When They Will Not Be Making Any Repairs?

In an ideal world all homes would be in "move in" condition when they are placed on the market except, of course, for the homes that are specifically being marketed as fixer upper or investor properties. 

The reality is most buyers do not want to do a lot of work when they close on a new home.  Properties without needed repairs are easier to sell.

This is why I often suggest sellers have pre-listing property inspections. Read more here:  Why sellers should have a pre-listing property inspection.

Still there are times when known defects can not be addressed.  Sometimes these known defects are major issues like problems with the heating and air conditioning system, roof or plumbing. 

Although problems have been identified some sellers are not in a position to make the repairs.  This is fine as long as it is disclosed.  Let prospective buyers know up front these issues exist and price accordingly.

I suggest considering going one step further and obtain estimates fro the repairs and provide those for prospective buyers to consider.   This may not cause a buyer to move forward but it does give them food for thought while considering your home and its "flaw."

So should a seller get repair estimates when they are not going to take any action?   It is completely up to the seller as to the direction to go but full disclosure about issues and pricing for the condition, location and competition will work toward a successful sale more so than ignoring an issue.

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Rules for Buying or Selling a Home in Florida (or any other place).

The below rules for buying a home or selling a home, although not all-inclusive,  can serve as a good starting point for anyone moving to Brevard County, Florida.
  • The better the view, the higher the price.  It does not matter what the view consists of specifically (water, preservation area, ocean, pond, etc.).   When it comes to condos add this as well "The higher the floor, the higher the price. " 
  • "As is" does not always mean "as is."   Sellers will sometimes negotiate a price downward after the inspection reveals issues.  They may make some repairs to close the deal (think, a bird in the hand!).  They may even credit some money at closing to make repairs. 
  • Gated does not mean secure unless you have a guard on duty.    Having a gated entry gives a homeowner a nice warm feeling but people can still get into your community. 
  • The outside of a house is almost always an indicator of how well the inside is maintained.  If the yard is neglected, paint is fading, plants are dead it is quite likely the inside will show neglect. 
  • Golf course direct is more expensive than "in a golf course community."  If you must have a home on/near the green or fairway you will pay more than if it is on the other side of the street in the same community. 
  • A new coat of paint will not change the zip code.   Check the crime statistics, school performance, commute times.  The house may look great but it will always be location, location, location especially when you get ready to sell in a few years. 
  • Orange and blue, garnet and gold, or any other school color palette will not sell a house except to an alumnus, maybe.  Beige, neutral, non-personal sells.  
  • Some words are the kiss of death.  Some words appearing in real estate ads like cozy, cute, TLC, fixer upper, compact, charmer and a few others should not be taken literally!  
  • The price is low for a reason.  People do not sell very many things including a house for a significant discount.  There is always a reason for the low price and it is usually because of condition, location, poor view, etc.
  •  Do not believe everything you read - or hear - period!