Saturday, June 30, 2012

Real Estate Agent Rebates and Discounts

Whether buying or selling real estate never forget the process is a business service.   The real estate agents working for the buyer and seller are in the real estate business to make a living.

This short article is aimed particularly at buyers.

Buyers who call me about buying a home in Viera (including the 55+ communities of Heritage Isle and Grand Isle) and Melbourne, Florida receive exceptional service from me.

Recently I spent many hours (and a couple of hundred miles) with an out of town buyer.  We found the house.  A week later after they had gone home they called and asked if I would rebate a portion of the seller paid commission to the buyer.  (Buyers are not charged anything for the buyer's real estate agent.)

I said no.  I explained my reasons for refusing.   The buyer opted to not purchase the house. 

Real estate agents are not wealthy - at least I am not.

I work hard - very often seven days a week.  I will put as much effort as possible to place a client's interests before my own and make sure the buyer is satisfied.

And in doing so I will earn every dollar paid by the seller.

When you list your Viera or Rockledge home for sale with me I will work very hard for you. 

But the difference here is your cost is negotiable based on property, location, circumstances and a few other variables.  Some repeat clients are offered discounts.  Sellers who later buy a house can receive special consideration as well.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Sure, swim with the alligators as long as you know the risk

There is a risk when going it alone.  This is true whether you are renovating your kitchen, selling your own house as a FSBO (for sale by owner), or managing your own rental property.

I had a landlord's previous tenant call me recently because their deposit had not been returned.  I explained that I was not the property manager and recommended they read the statutes. I then emailed the statutes to my "Do It Yourself" landlord who was going to immediately contact the tenant who moved out last month.

This served to remind me that it is imperative we understand the implications of doing things without the assistance of a professional.

Selling your own home is not a proven successful strategy for the majority of home owners.  I am not sure about the success history of owner landlords.

I recognize my limitations so I have never attempted a major home renovation job.  I have never sold my own home without the use of a Realtor®.  When I owned a rental property I had a property manager handle all tenants.

Knowing your limitations is key in managing your risk exposure.

 If you are considering selling your Viera, Suntree or Rockledge, Florida home, call me to discuss how I can work for you.

If you own rental property in Brevard County, Florida and are seeking assistance with tenant placement, call me.  If you would like me to refer a property management company, just ask!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pricing Your Brevard County, Florida Short Sale to "Sell"

I have experienced short sale situations where the seller just signs off on an obviously weak offer.   In many, if not all, of these cases I was really expecting a counteroffer.  After all, my clients had submitted realistic "let's talk" offers.

But the seller deferred and responded they would let the lender decide. 
I do not understand this reasoning as it is obviously in the short sale seller’s best interest to get the most money for their house as possible. 

By its definition "short sale" implies there will be a difference between selling price and monies owed. 

If a short sale is approved the lender is going to decide what options are available for dealing with the difference. 

As a seller your goal should be to minimize the deficiency.  How do you do this?
  1. Stage and prepare to sell your home as if you will be "banking" the difference.
  2. Negotiate the offer as if you will be "banking" the difference.
Because, depending on the difference, you may be "banking" the difference in the way of a personal note to the bank in exchange for an approval.

 A short sale is not a get out of jail free card with no obligations on the part of a seller.

If you live in Brevard County, Florida and circumstances require you to consider a short sale, lets talk and see if I can assist you in any way.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Selling Your Brevard County, Florida Home - The Paranoid Seller

I affectionately call them paranoid sellers which may not be an accurate description at all.

Who are “they?”
  • They may be the sellers who will not allow an electronic lock box to be placed on their home.  
  • They may be the sellers who must have their real estate agent be present to “bird dog” any prospective buyers who view their home.
  • They may be the sellers who will not allow a sign in the yard because the neighbors might get nosy...and heaven forbid an open house where the neighbors may come inside!
I am not exactly sure who “they” are but one thing I do know is…

“They” are not really interested in selling their home!

To sell your home it must be accessible to prospective buyers when they want to see it…even when you are going out of town for a long weekend!

Next weekend my out of town buyers will not be here or, if I am lucky, will have already placed an offer on a home we will see this Saturday!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It ain’t selling hot dogs…

If you are selling hot dogs you need to make your pitch to a lot of hungry people.   How does the hot dog vendor succeed in reaching the targeted buyers?

The first thing is pretty logical...They set up shop where they will get noticed by the buyer. 

If you are considering selling your Viera, Rockledge or Suntree home or condo, you need exposure...where the buyers are looking.

Where are the buyers looking?  Although some may drive by your home and see a sign most prospective buyers will not go that route.  Although some may read the real estate ads in the newspaper or one of those magazines, most don't.  Although some may even stop by your home during an open house, most don't.

The number one place buyers are congregating.... on the Internet.

To effectively market your home requires the use of multiple marketing methods (including those mentioned above)  all centered around the Internet.

If you are considering selling your Rockledge, Viera or Suntree house or condo, call or email me to discuss how I can work with you to meet your goals.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rockledge, Florida Home for Rent for only $1, 775/month

Located at 977 Whetstone Place in the Westwood subdivision, this 2007 year built four bedroom three bathroom two car garage home is available now for only $1,775 per month (12 month lease).

Immaculate condition, convenient location in one street subdivision of newer homes. Neutral colors.  All electric, granite counters, kitchen island, stainless appliances.

Convenient to schools, shopping,I-95/US1,20 minutes Patrick AFB,beaches.  Upstairs laundry room,bonus/media room. Window treatments remain.

Restriction on commercial vehicles.  Only First and security deposit required at lease. Most pets are OK, but no dogs, alligators or large snakes please.

For information on this home for rent in Rockledge, Florida, email me or call me directly at 321-693-3850.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Buying a Home in Florida - Real or just "orange juice in the veins."

Although in this age of navigation systems and smart phones it is done less often, people still occasionally will ask for directions.

I must admit that in the days before navigation system I rarely asked for directions and would rather search.  Perhaps it was as if asking for directions was a sign of defeat.

As a real estate agent I often get calls from people who asking a lot of questions about Brevard County.  I try to give directions to local landmarks and specific areas where homes are for sale that match the description they provided.  I will even provide a map to assist if they come by my office.

In my early days in real estate I found myself providing all day tours of Brevard County, Florida to prospective buyers.
Many of these "thinking about buying a house in Florida" folks suffered from a condition I have coined "orange juice in the veins."   The symptoms are pretty obvious - an intense desire, primarily during the most extreme winters in the northern U.S., to buy a house or condo in Florida.

Brevard County, Florida is about 80 miles north to south and maybe 10-20 miles or so east to west.  There are four distinct areas, in my opinion, rural north, densely populated southern, newer central, and the sought after beach side.  That is a lot of square miles to see.

Moving to Brevard County, Florida - Quick Facts - extracted from 2010 census data.

If you are considering moving to Brevard County, Florida, give me a call or send me an email.  I will be very happy to answer your questions and send you listings.

And, if you are serious about buying a house or condo in Florida, I would welcome a chance to work with you.