Thursday, June 25, 2009

Feedback – Helping the Sellers

I looked up the definition of feedback to make sure I was using the right term. The definition from The Free Dictionary was “the return of information about the result of a process or activity; an evaluative response.”

In real estate we always ask buyer’s agents to give us an evaluative response. Very rarely do we receive feedback. When we do, it is usually non-definitive, generic with no real evaluative information.

Just yesterday I received a response that said “no issues, buyers want more square footage.” Now I appreciate when my listings get shown to prospective buyers. After all, that is the way the system works!

However, this listing is owner occupied. This seller works at night and modifies their schedule to accommodate prospects. Why would you show a house that was too small for your buyers?

Just wondering. Feedback is good. Even bad feedback (constructive, not mean spirited) is good.

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father’s Day – Every Day!

Today is Father’s Day. I posted an article yesterday titled “Father’s Day: #2 is #1”.

My father passed away 29 years ago. I became a father 25 years ago. My father was a hard working man. My son is a hard working man (police officer).

My father-in-law passed away about 19 years ago. He was a good man. He was a kind man. We enjoyed playing golf together, having a beer, eating barbecue…”repairing” something around the house. We had some good times.

A friend of mine passed away about a week ago. Today will be his daughter’s first Father’s Day without him. I know she will miss him – even if it is only a phone call!

We are fortunate when we have a good man to go to when we have problems and need advice. We are fortunate to have the great example. If you are a father, take the role seriously as it is an important role.

Enjoy this day!

As for me, I will be working today because that is what I must do to provide for my family. After all, that is what a good father does!

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Don’t convert your property to a rental yet

I don’t follow all the stats on rental rates in the Brevard County, Florida real estate market. After all, I work with buyers and sellers of residential property and do not function as a property manager.

So, why would I recommend an owner not rent out their property just yet? For a selfish reason – I had a buyer for that condo of yours!

Actually, I am working with a buyer looking for a fair deal in The Ventura at Turtle Creek condo community in Rockledge.

Just when you find the property that you think will work – it is rented!

If you are an owner of a condo in The Ventura at Turtle Creek, have a great view that is not the parking lot, in very nice condition, and ready to sell, please contact me. By the way, there are several on the market at this time but they are overpriced in my opinion!

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Brevard County Florida Housing Starts Up

Amazing how the same story brings out such diverse opinions! I was just reading an article in the online Florida Today newspaper about housing starts in Brevard County. The article said things were turning a bit more optimistic from the builder's perspective.

If you are in the "business," you must be optimistic. Reading the "comments" online I see many diverging points of view. Take a read here.

The most interesting thing I noticed in the article was the reference to renters and sellers "trading places." Renters are taking advantage of foreclosure and short sale properties while those being foreclosed or short selling are now in the rental market!

Activity is picking up in Brevard County as the prices have dropped because of the excess short sale inventory. There are over 1,000 single family homes listed for sale in the Brevard MLS that require third party approval plus a few hundred more condos!

As with all things, the debate will continue - even after a complete turnaround. If you believe in the opportunities and the low mortgage interest rates, call me. I would welcome a chance to discuss what is available in Brevard County, Florida.

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