Thursday, August 16, 2012

Want to buy a home in Florida? Want to buy a home in Viera? Want to buy a home in Suntree?

One house, one time.  OK, maybe a few houses, one time. 

One of the keys (really the primary key) to the home purchase process is finance.   After all, unless one has the ability to purchase why look?

So, if you are considering a move to Brevard County, Florida and want to see a house (or two) call me.  I would welcome a chance to work with you.

I will probably ask you about finances at some point early on.   If you have not yet obtained a mortgage pre-approval I will still show you a house or two.  If you say you are a cash buyer I will still show you a house or two.

I will not allow a simple yet key part of the process stop us before we even get started!

And, once we have done this, I will guide you toward the next step - discovering the finances and your ability to purchase.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Relocating to Central Florida? Consider the planned unit development of Viera!

Viera, Florida is one of the premier targets for people relocating to central Florida.

Who is considering moving to Brevard County's Viera area?

Let's see...
  • It could be snowbirds ready to buy that second home.  
  • It could be the folks who have decided to slow down and relax in one of the top notch 55+ communities like Heritage Isle.  
  • It could be the commuter who wants to live in Florida although they work all over the United States.  After all, Orlando International Airport is only about 40 miles away! 
  • It could be the Kennedy Space Center worker or the Patrick Air Force Base staffer who is looking for an easy commute with great neighborhoods offering excellent schools for their family.  Viera High School is among the newest and best in Brevard County, Florida!  
  • It could be the investor looking for condos or homes to invest in as a rental property.  It seems rental rates and demand have been increasing lately.
  • It could be you....
When you are ready to move to Florida, call me at 321-693-3850.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Selling Your Home–The Contract is Signed Now What Could Go Wrong?

Many buyers and sellers see the home buying (or selling) process as a simple three step process.

From the seller’s perspective it is just
  1. List 
  2. Contract 
  3. Close.
From the buyer’s perspective it is just  
  1. Find house 
  2. Contract 
  3. Close
And it is good to see it that way.

As long as the parties understand their real estate agent continues to work behind the scenes.

While the broad steps above are accurate it is the minor steps in between that can result in a transaction getting derailed before closing.

A real estate transaction does not close once the contract is signed by the buyer and seller.

There is a lot that can happen along the way to the closing table.  Lose a handle and you could spill the entire deal!

What are some the things?  Deliver escrow deposits, coordinate/attend inspections (property, termite, septic,etc), surveys, repairs, obtain/deliver association rules, deal with appraisers, review closing statements, attend final walk through before closings...and a whole lot more. I have rad lists of 100s of activities involved with the transaction.

Suffice it to say you need a reliable professional real estate agent working for you whether buyer or seller.

In Viera, Suntree and Rockledge, Florida, I am available to assist you either as a buyer or seller agent.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Finding a Rental Property in Brevard County, Florida – Making demands will not make you a tenant!

I don’t show a lot of rental properties in Brevard County, Florida.   But one thing I have noticed lately makes me think prospective tenants need to learn a few things about the rental process.

The process is simple..
  1. Owner (owner's agent) places property on market available for lease.
  2. Prospective tenant views property.  
  3. Prospective tenant completes an application along with any fees required. 
  4. Owner (or property manager) does background check.
  5. Owner (property manager) makes a decision based on background check, credit worthiness, acceptability of move-in dates, etc.
The landlord (owner) sets the rental rate.  The landlord may negotiate the terms depending on the market.  I have always recommended tenant prospects request a little concession in rental rate.  It doesn't hurt.  All they can say is "No!"

Owners want long term tenants.  The landlord want a tenant with whom they can foster a good relationship – especially owners who manage their own properties.  Owners who manage their own properties typically pay about one month's rent to a real estate agent to find them a tenant.  Every renewal saves the owner money!

Landlords want a good cooperative tenant.  The landlord wants someone who will pay on time.  The landlord wants a tenant who will report maintenance issues before they become full blown after hour service calls or damage the property. Landlords want someone who will not disturb the neighbors or damage the property.

It pays to be a good tenant.  I have known many landlords who have not raised the rent in years because they had a good tenant in place.

When looking at a potential rental property making demands like a “top to bottom” paint, or replacement of all carpeting and you will consider renting the unit will not make you a tenant.

Most landlords will certainly entertain requests.  Demanding anything is not the best approach.  Sometimes it is a matter of working out the logistics like an owner buying the paint if the tenant does the labor.

Sometimes the greater goal is fostering a good relationship between landlord and tenant.  This may just save everyone money in the future!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Home Buying Tips - Use your lender….

When you are ready to buy a home one of the first things needed is a mortgage pre-approval.  Although it may not seem to many first time home buyers, buying a home is an organized process.

In 2012 consumers really need to be talking with lenders a lot more than in the past.   There was once a time when you could get a mortgage if you only met one requirement - able to fog a mirror!  But that was "once upon a time…"
*Which Brevard County, Florida lender should you use?  I do not care which lender my buyers use as long as the lender

  • offers a quality product (rate, term), 
  • at a competitive price (not all lenders charge same application, appraisal, credit search fees), and 
  • can close the transaction within the contracted time frame, and, most importantly,
  • is available to answer your questions along the way (as well as my questions if needed).
Your lender and real estate agent are both part of a team of professionals available to assist you in buying a house or condo in Brevard County, Florida.

Need a lender recommendation in Brevard County, me at 321-693-3850 or email me.

Need a real estate professional to work with you as you buy a home in Brevard County, Florida... call me at 321-693-3850 or email me.

*The logos of the local financial institutions do not represent a personal referral. Links are provided as a service to readers only.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Home Buying Process - Where to Begin

Most of the choices we make in life are bound by a budget.

I have worked with only a few home buyers in Viera, Florida who have actually made the comment "money was no object."  Ultimately money was an object in all of these cases as well!.

When you are ready to consider purchasing a home contact a local lender.

Schedule an appointment to discuss your financial picture (obligations, income, cash on hand for closing costs) and review your credit.

Then get a mortgage pre-approval letter from the lender.

Sure you can call a real estate agent (call me at 321-693-3850) first if you choose.  Your local Brevard County real estate agent will point you toward the lender very early in the process.

If you did not get a real estate agent before getting the mortgage pre-approval letter then now it is time to get your real estate agent who will work with you throughout the process. 

With a mortgage pre-approval in hand you will likely want to start driving through neighborhoods you like looking at the homes for sale.

Don't calling the agent on the sign out front of a house.  There is no reason you should not have your own real estate agent who represents you.  Besides, the seller pays the buyer's real estate agent.

When you shop by budget there are sometimes concessions.  Your real estate agent will help you decide what you must have in your new home and what concessions will need to be made..... because of your budget.

10 Common Sense Real Estate Rules for Buying a Home

The below rules for buying a home is not an all-inclusive list of things to know when buying or selling a home.  Your real estate agent has the complete list - call him or her!
10.  The better the view, the higher the price.  It does not matter what the view consists of specifically (water, preservation area, ocean, pond, etc.).   When it comes to condos add this as well "The higher the floor, the higher the price. "

9.    "As is" does not always mean "as is."   Sellers will sometimes negotiate off a price, make some repairs, or give a monetary concession rather than find another buyer and start all over again.
8.    Gated does not mean secure unless you have a guard on duty.  Having a gate gives a homeowner a nice warm feeling but people can still get into your community. If you have a manned gate 24 hour a day and perhaps even a patrol then I would suggest you are secure.

7.    The outside of the house is almost an indicator of how well the inside is (or is not) maintained.  If the yard is neglected, paint is fading, plants are dead...likely the inside is the same!

6.    Golf course direct is more expensive than "in golf course community."  If you have a home on the greens or the fairway you will pay more than if it is on the other side of the street in the same community.

5.    A new coat of paint will not change the zip code.  Check the crime statistics.  Check out the school performance.  The house may look great but it is still location, location, location!

4.    Orange and blue will not sell a house except to a Florida Gator fan.  Or garnet and gold or any other school's colors.  Beige, neutral, non-personal sells. 

3.    Some words are the kiss of death.  You have read them all...cozy, cute, TLC, fixer upper, compact, charmer, etc.  Properties are best described by using facts only.

2.    The price is low for a reason.  People do not sell very many things including a house for a significant discount.  There is always a reason for the low price and it is usually because of condition, location, poor view, etc.

1.    Do not believe everything you read - period.  The title said there were 10 common sense rules for buying a home here, didn't it?

Buying or selling a home or condo in Brevard County, Florida?  Email me -  I Can Help!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Should you really buy that Viera, Florida home? Has the Brevard County real estate market hit bottom?

The signs are all around us.   Prices are pretty attractive in Viera, Florida as well as the surrounding areas of Rockledge and Suntree.   Mortgage interest rates are at or near historical lows.  Home prices appear to have stopped falling every month.

All of us, regardless of our individual situation, see what we want to see.

Some see opportunity in the Brevard County, Florida real estate market.

Others see less opportunity with a feeling prices will go lower although lower inventories usually does not lead to lower prices.

Either way if we are lucky what we miss will not hurt us in the long run.

Ready to buy or sell a house in Viera, Florida? 

Golf course homes homes are attractively priced in Fairway Lakes at VieraHeritage Isle offers re-sales and new construction in Viera's premier 55+ community!