Thursday, September 19, 2013

Monthly Market Detail - August 2013 Single Family Home Sales - Brevard County, Florida

Monthly Market Detail - August 2013 Single Family Home Sales - Brevard County, Florida

The trend is definitely fewer and fewer short sales with a gradual increase in foreclosure sales as well as standard sales.

Data provided by Florida Realtors®

Friday, September 13, 2013

Is your real estate agent "ducking" you?

I received a call yesterday from someone asking about a listing.  It seems they have a real estate agent but he wasn't answering their calls right away.  "Right away" was their words not mine.

I asked who their agent was and advised them to be patient.

I called their agent who happened to be in a closing at the moment.  It seems they are on the impatient side at times.  He promised to call them back asap.

I guess with the limited number of move in ready homes on the Brevard County market it does cause some in the market to be really impatient.

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f you are working with a real estate agent and they don't answer the phone every single time you call, it may be because they are in a closing or at a listing appointment.

It is not likely because they are ignoring your call.

It may seem like a real estate agent is avoiding you.  It may seem like a real estate agent is not doing anything.  But a good real estate agent makes things happen...without telling all they are doingGood agents are busy agents.

Very often a real estate agent may appear calm, just cruising along.  But in reality it could be their duck impression....a lot of activity happening below the surface.

If you have a Brevard County, Florida  real estate agent, work with them.  If you do not have a real estate agent, call me!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Brevard County, Florida Real Estate Market - How do you measure the real estate market's intensity?

One of the most common questions a real estate agent gets is "How is the market doing?"  This question can come from prospective buyers, sellers or just a casual contact.

We all hear and read stories about how the real estate market is heating up.  But what is the measure of its temperature?  The general feeling in Brevard County as well as in many other locations is the market is bouncing back.

Still, how does one measure the real estate market's intensity? 
  • Is it the increasing prices?  This could be a subtle measurement with some bumps and lulls depending on the neighborhood/zip code.
  • Is it the number of homes for sale?  The decreasing inventory could mean many things including potential sellers under water or just waiting for higher prices which usually follows lower inventory.
  • Is it the number of multiple offer situations?  This is becoming a common occurrence. 
  • Is it the average number of days properties are on the market?  Since August 10th (past 30 days)  the average days on the market for residential sales in Brevard County has been 66.  But the average days on the market can be different based on the location within the County as well.  For example, in Viera (west of I-95) the days on the market is 77 days while in Suntree the average is 91. 
So how is the Brevard County, Florida real estate market?  It depends on whether you are buying, selling, an under water owner or a real estate agent?  Ask me!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Home Seller Tips - Your house is just not.....

The end of the sentence is NOT priced right.

The end of the sentence is NOT constructed well.

The end of  the sentence is NOT cleaned well.

The end of the sentence is "not very functional!"

While showing homes for sale in Viera, Florida my buyer clients looked at seven homes.  Seven seems to be the a workable limit to prevent buyers from being overwhelmed at the end of the day.

And one common theme I heard my clients use to describe the homes was "functional."

How a buyer views the layout of your home is critical.  The flow of space from room to room is very important.

As a seller you can control the cleanliness of your home.  As a seller you can control its overall condition through preparation and maintenance.  As a seller you can control the price.

But one thing you can't control once your home is on the prospective buyers view its livability.

Functionality is something homeowners should take into consideration anytime an addition or change is in the works.

It does come into play when you sell.