Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Home Inspections– Why have one done? What if I do not want to do one?

As a Florida real estate agent I always recommend buyers have a home inspection conducted prior to moving toward the closing table.  The reality is many things in life can look great on the surface - until you look a little more closely!

When purchasing a home in Florida there are a couple of contingencies I recommend be included in your offer to purchase.

The first is a financing contingency.  If a property will not qualify for the mortgage (or the buyer can't be approved), there should be an escape clause.  In the case of a cash offer I like to include a contingency requiring the property appraise at the contract price as well.

The second contingency recommend is the property inspection.   The home inspection will examine the major systems as well as the general condition of the subject property.  If there is some issue at the time of inspection it will hopefully be identified by the proeprty inspector.

What if a buyer opts to save the expense of having an inspection completed?  First I reiterate the cost of the inspection (usually about $400-$400) is only about the cost of a new water heater and a lot less than a major repair like an AC or roof issue!

Still if a buyer opts to skip the inspection I ask only one thing - a signature documenting the rejection of the recommendation.

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