Friday, September 13, 2013

Is your real estate agent "ducking" you?

I received a call yesterday from someone asking about a listing.  It seems they have a real estate agent but he wasn't answering their calls right away.  "Right away" was their words not mine.

I asked who their agent was and advised them to be patient.

I called their agent who happened to be in a closing at the moment.  It seems they are on the impatient side at times.  He promised to call them back asap.

I guess with the limited number of move in ready homes on the Brevard County market it does cause some in the market to be really impatient.

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f you are working with a real estate agent and they don't answer the phone every single time you call, it may be because they are in a closing or at a listing appointment.

It is not likely because they are ignoring your call.

It may seem like a real estate agent is avoiding you.  It may seem like a real estate agent is not doing anything.  But a good real estate agent makes things happen...without telling all they are doingGood agents are busy agents.

Very often a real estate agent may appear calm, just cruising along.  But in reality it could be their duck impression....a lot of activity happening below the surface.

If you have a Brevard County, Florida  real estate agent, work with them.  If you do not have a real estate agent, call me!