Thursday, February 27, 2014

Home Buyer Tips: Looking and snooping are not the same.

When working with sellers I provide a lot of information on getting a house ready for the prospective buyer's perusal.   There is an expectation that prospects will look in closets and cabinets to gauge available storage space.

Outside of the usual cautions about safety and security when preparing your home for sale, I advise sellers most prospective buyers do not go through cabinets.

Still, I am amazed at some buyers who want to "snoop" when they should be looking!

Snooping sounds so intrusive. Perhaps it is more just a case of extreme curiosity with no intended harm.  Still, it is beyond the scope of viewing a house.

Sellers should expect it.

Lastly, prospective buyer please put yourself in the position of a seller.   What would you want strangers - yes, these folks are complete strangers -  probing in your home? 

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