Saturday, December 13, 2014

Choosing Your Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Florida Home

The way prospective sellers go about choosing a real estate agent vary greatly from calling the one with the most signs nearby, getting referrals from a friend or family member, just doing an Internet search (almost said the Yellow Pages!) or to keeping the postcards that come with the junk mail.

Regardless of method used to identify prospective real estate agents it is what one does next that is key to selecting their real estate agent.  Who (and how many) to choose one to interview. 

The Realtor® Interview.   It is during this interview the real agents vie for your business by trying to impress you with their expertise (or charm).    During this self promotion opportunity the selected real estate agents will seek to reveal one thing - what the agent wants you to hear with the most favorable statistics and recommendations being at the forefront.

Knowing this a homeowner should be prepared to ask the tough questions.   Here are some questions to ask prospective real estate agents during the interview:

Ultimately the choice of a real estate agent will be based on what is most important to the seller.    It could be the one who
  • proposes the highest listing price or 
  • charges the lowest commission or 
  • promises a contract in the fewest days or 
  • has had the most listings (does not mean the same as sales)or 
  • closed the most sales or 
  • who has been in the business the longest  or
  • has the most initials behind their name, or
  • has the best looks (yes, looks influence decisions)
  • whatever! 
Ultimately the basis for choosing a particular real estate agent to sell your home will be the key characteristic(s) valued most.

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