Monday, February 16, 2015

What questions will my real estate agent ask me before they list my Florida home for sale?

Although it is not meant to be nosy your initial contact with a Florida real estate agent will probably involve a lot of questions.  (This applies as well to other states I am sure.)

Most of these early questions will will be centered around a seller's objective.  While the obvious objective is to sell there are lots of issues impacting that major goal.

Specifically,  multifaceted questions should solicit information about about a seller's timeline and reason(s) for selling.

The questions will likely ask about what lies ahead especially if building a new home or buying and how it affects the timeline.  In the current Brevard County, Florida real estate market a house may be under contract within a few days with buyers ready to close in a month or 45 days.

Other questions may touch on the mortgage balance (if any), known issues affecting the property (physically as well as any potential title/legal problems (short sale, bankruptcy, probate, etc.)
It is critical your real estate agent have a clear understanding of the circumstances surrounding the sale in order to individualize a marketing plan.  There is more to selling a home than putting a sign out front!

By the way one obvious question has been omitted much do you want for your house?   That will be dealt with after an understanding of the seller's circumstances and goals is attained.

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