Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Home Buyer Tips: "Looks like it will fly right through the inspection, right?"

While showing homes this morning a buyer made the comment "Looks like this one will fly right through an inspection, right?"

My response was a never know for sure.

Sure this flip looked as if all had been done.  But have all the permits been pulled and cleared?  What about the quality of the work?  Has something been "covered up" with paint?  What about the electrical panel and wiring?  And the major systems like the AC or roof?

There are a lot of potential issues when it comes to a structure.  I have seen older homes fly right through the inspection.  I have witnessed a few newer homes have issues.

So will it fly right through an inspection?

That question will need to be answered by one who is qualified to answer it.

As a real estate broker I know my boundaries.  I am not much good either when the question concerns taxes or legal issues as I am not an attorney or CPA.

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