Friday, December 17, 2010

Old does not equate with less useful, just a different usefulness!

As folks age, we tend to have a changing view of them.  There are some who would rather put the old out to pasture and go forward with the new.  There are many who seek to gain value from the experiences of the past.

I remember years ago while in high school (Palatka South High School), I had a psychology teacher named Dawson, Jonathan Dawson, I believe.  He was one of those young, "hip" teachers of the early 1970s!

He said something in class one day that I still recall some 38or so years later.  Paraphrased a bit it went something like "We can learn something from everyone - even old people - if only just how to survive to be old!" 

So as Christmas and the holidays approach, take the time to learn something from the older ones among us.  For if you and I are lucky, we will both be there one day - sooner than you think!

Merry Christmas!

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