Sunday, July 22, 2012

Selling Your Viera, Florida Home - Should Your Real Estate Agent Hold an Open House?

Open House?  

That is a question I almost always put on the table during the listing interview.

Not every seller wants an open house.  Not every property is suitable for an open house. 

An open house should be considered if the property:

  • has potentially wide appeal
  • is competitively (realistically) priced
  • is easily accessible
  • is properly prepared for presentation to the general public (including nosy neighbors!).
I am honest with sellers when discussing the potential benefits of an open house.  The reality is very few buyers purchase homes at or as the result of an open house.

Preparing for an open house.  The obvious logical stuff does not need to be listed here.  You know to clean, de-clutter, get the lawn mowed and the like.

The area I urge you not to forget as strangers enter your home are the safety and security areas.  Things like... 
  • Put away valuables. Small cameras, I-pads, I-pods, laptops or net books, money.
  • Put away or remove personal documents.  This includes bank and credit card statements, passports, birth certificates, etc. Think identity theft! Think identity theft! 
  • Put away or lock up firearms. There may be small children or theft!
  • Put away those medications (and alcohol!).  
  • Take the pets out for a walk, to the park, etc.
  • Remove trip hazards. You don't need to be sued!
If you are considering selling your Viera, Florida home, call me to discuss how I may assist you.  I also specialize in the Rockledge, Florida and Suntree (Melbourne,Florida) areas.