Friday, March 22, 2013

Turn down appointments, turn down opportunities to sell.

The key to selling your home is accessibility   Assuming you have it priced somewhere in the realm of reality, prospective buyers will want to view your home.

Still I have experienced a few issues showing ready, willing and able buyers homes in the Melbourne, Florida area this week.

First is the notorious, "please come back tomorrow."  In this case the office had given the approval and we arrived. I rang the door bell and the owner tells me politely "the home was not in showing condition today but will be tomorrow."  This home has been on the market two months so this was a puzzling response.  SoI left with my excited buyers very disappointed.

Another obstacle is the "show it after 5:00 p.m. only" or the "show between 3 and 5 only" or "the show only on weekends" situations.

There were one of each of the above and we chose not to see any of them.  The good thing was my buyers found the ideal home anyway.

Turn down appointments, turn down opportunities to sell. 

Pretty simple.