Monday, April 22, 2013

What do you do when your real estate agent is on vacation?

I received a call recently from someone researching homes for sale in Brevard County, Florida.  As always I asked the key question before proceeding very far into the conversation.

The question?  "Are you currently working with a real estate agent in your search?"

Their response? "Yes, but our agent is on vacation so we are taking the time to do some research until she returns next week."

After explaining my reasons I referred the caller back to her real estate agent's brokerage.

Why did I not run out and help the caller?  A Realtor®-client relationship is one business arrangement in which another agent should never interject them self or interfere in any way.

Real estate agents are like other folks - vacations happen, family events occur, even illness rears its ugly head at times.  In cases like this a real estate agent should have a back up plan.

In an ideal situation the customer can take the time out from the active search.  But this is not usually possible unless they are out of town buyers.  One option is a plan may be for another real estate agent to cover their client needs temporarily.

An option I prefer is to refer the customer to another real estate agent I trust to handle the customer needs.

If your real estate agent is not available hopefully you were given advance notice with instructions in the event you need help.  If your agent can't be reached I recommend you call your agent's office and speak with their broker-owner.  The broker owner will take whatever action is necessary to meet your needs.

After all, you are a customer of the broker.