Thursday, April 4, 2013

Why are "Walk Through Inspections" important?

I had a buyer "walk through" of one of my listings last week.  It was not a typical walk through as the purchaser is an investor.  A quick walk through, a few photos of the interior and exterior and the company representative was gone....maybe five minutes after he arrived.

My seller and I knew this walk through was not the typical buyer walk through.

Most buyers will check every nook and cranny for potential problems.

They want to make sure the property is clean and free of discarded "stuff."  They flush toilets, run faucets, look under sinks for leaks, make sure all appliances are present as listed in the contract.  If there were repairs to be addressed after the inspection they want to check those. (Some inspectors will come back to verify repairs were done, check with your inspector.)

With a major financial commitment like a house or condo purchase the walk through is critical.

Further, I encourage a similar walk through by tenants when they take possession of a property with the addition of photos taken or even a video with a date stamp. (The same upon move out as well.) 

Walk through inspections are important because you never know!