Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Home Buying Process - Who is driving the bus?

Anyone who has ever ridden a bus knows the person in charge is the driver.  In the real estate transaction there is only one driver - the customer.

Whether the customer is in the role of  buyer or seller they are sitting in the driver's seat.

The real estate agent serves as navigator charting the course they will travel to their destination.  Sometimes the navigator ends up being a tour guide when the driver ends up being a tire kicker! 

With their destination always in focus the real estate agent will utilize available information (customer needs, financial parameters, time frame, etc.) to recommend the best choices along the way.  Sometimes the trip is quick, sometimes its long.  Occasionally they may have to pull over at a rest stop to discuss the path and progress made.

Still the real estate transaction involves parties who are voluntarily on the bus.

The driver can park the bus and leave if they desire (subject to any written agreement like a listing contract or buyer agent agreement).  The navigator can ask to be let off at the next stop.  (Of course they should recommend another navigator first.)

Buying and selling involves a team effort.  It involves trust and open communication.  It requires all on the bus work together.

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I will let you drive the bus!