Saturday, July 6, 2013

Preparing to sell your home - What about the garage?

Most sellers know they need to prepare their home for the critical eye of prospective buyers. They often de-clutter the kitchens and clean.  They work on the yard to increase curb appeal.

Some sellers go so far as to have a pre-listing inspection to identify problems - and fix them.

Most sellers understand the kitchen and bathroom are the most important spaces in a house to most buyers.  If you don't have the money to spend on updating handle the repairs.  And remember to clean extremely well including the appliances as well.  Buyers will look in your oven and refrigerator  

These areas are all the places most sellers remember to prepare.

But what about the garage?  Most garages in newer construction are not large.  It takes very little clutter to make a garage look even smaller.

And what about that work bench?  I read an article today that suggested folks put away the "stuff" on the work bench as it may be a clue of potential issues (PVC piping, plumbing items, glues, stain covering paints, new roofing shingles, etc).   First, sellers must disclose issues and not hide them!

A work bench is only a clue to the home's occupant.  He or she may be a hobbyist who rebuilds or refinishes furniture.  There could be a retired master carpenter living in the home.  Or it may be a "do it yourself" novice who is a threat to life as we know it! 

The absence of a work bench means what?  Potentially a home that has been neglected?  Or a seller with full contact list on their smartphone? 

Or, could it be the seller read this post and decided to remember the garage when preparing to sell their home?

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