Thursday, March 13, 2014

Buying and Selling a Florida Home: Sometimes negotiation doesn't happen....

Sometimes it is clearly stated in the listing  - SELLER WILL NOT NEGOTIATE.  Another oft used phrase is "PRICE FIRM."

But most often home sellers expect to negotiate.

They do it in the automobile sales business.  And the expectation to negotiate is usually built into the property's listing price.

But sometimes negotiation doesn't happen.  Unlike the sellers mentioned in paragrapgh one, sometimes the negotiation is not necessary.

And the buyer still gets the property. 

Because the submitted offer was based on reality.  It was based on research about the market and comparable recent sales.

Because the offer was submitted with supporting documentation like a mortgage pre-approval letter.  

Because the offer was submitted with few "gotchas" except important contingencies like the inspection and financing contingencies.  In other words, a clean offer.

I prefer to think of it this way... the negotiation did happen.

But it happened behind the scenes and involved both parties understanding the market.  It happened behind the scenes when the real estate agents had the necessary skills and local knowledge.

Some really great words to hear from the sellers agent?  A simple "yes."

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