Saturday, March 29, 2014

Florida Real Estate Experts - When is local not so local?

Since the invention of the Internet by Al Gore the world has become smaller.  OK, bad joke!  Still, the Internet has placed an amazing amount of information in the hands of the public and furthermore allowed many to become information publishers (blogs, websites, etc).

But all of this information must be evaluated and not accepted at face value because it is on the Internet.

But this short article is not about the validity of information found on the Internet.

It is about how the Internet has allowed real estate agents to expand their reach and more easily project an image as a local expert.

There was a time when a real estate agent was made local by the presence of the office the consumer walked into when they were ready to buy or sell.

Now, with about 90% of home buyers beginning their search on the Internet, it is less easy to identify who really is a "local" expert.

As a consumer of real estate services I encourage you to evaluate how "local" any real estate agent is before hiring hem to help you buy or sell a house or condo anywhere.

How do you identify a local expert?  Questions, questions and more questions.

Want to know what you should ask?  Here are a few suggestions.

How much should your buyer's agent know about the market?
Selecting your real estate agent - Ask the right questions.
How do you choose your listing agent?
Make the listing interview questions a real test for agents.

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As a real estate agent my local expertise reach is limited to mostly central Brevard County, Florida.  My goal is simple - sell what I know.