Saturday, November 15, 2014

Home Seller Tips: Some things buyers don't care about...

Selling your home is a business transaction.  In the best of cases buyers and sellers are cordial throughout the process.  But, in most cases, the parties are not best friends or family.

I recently had a seller's agent tell me that the offer price on her listing had to be at $XXX,XXX because that is where the seller needs to be to buy their next home.

Not long ago I had a listing agent tell me their seller paid $XXX,XXX for their home and did not want to sell for any amount under that price. 

These two cases bring to light a common theme.....
  • Buyers do not care what the seller paid for a property.  
  • Buyers do not care what the walking away money will be for the seller!
Back in the old black and white TV days there was this show called "Lost in Space."  One of the "stars" was a robot who often uttered in his mechanical voice "That does not compute."

Such is the case when a seller's real estate agent suggests a counteroffer to meet the seller's needs.

As a buyer's agent my goal is to meet my customer's needs first.

If the deal happens to work out for the seller as well we can all do the happy dance!

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