Monday, January 5, 2015

Home Remodeling: Design for yourself or with an eye to the future?

Should a home owner go "all in" when designing or remodeling a house or should they exercise caution and design for the future (i.e. re-sale, family changes)?

There is no one size fits all answer to this question.   The answer to this question depends on the individual owner(s) and their current stage of life. 

If one is single will there be change in the future?  Is there a marriage or the birth of children in the near future?  What about aging parents moving in? Or will there be children leaving the nest soon? 

Will the home be a temporary residence as one looks to re-locate in a few years due to employment changes or increased income?  Is there a chance one will be retiring in a few years and moving to Brevard County, Florida?

While any of the above possibilities could be in play most owners want to personalize their home and have it suit their current needs.   Still, when they do decide to sell some things that are just "too personalized" may limit re-sale prospects or, at a minimum, the sales price.

For instance, the absence of a tub in the master bathroom may not seem like a big issue.  But I have seen some seemingly perfect houses rejected by my buyers because there was either a tub or shower only in the master bath.   Hint:  Although one may only use a shower do not be quick to discard the addition of a bath/soaking tub when building.

Another design preference my buyers have noticed lately is odd shaped rooms with lots of angles and little wall space which restrict furniture or television placement.  While these rooms may have some "wow effect" for the current owner the designs may have the opposite effect when selling.

Almost all real estate agents will tell you the same thing when getting ready to sell your home - depersonalize and de-clutter.   Most of these steps are simple.  None require major work although sometimes a new coat of paint will work wonders.   These are primarily cosmetic and not costly structural changes.

I suggest that if a home is not the last home one will ever own then choose to design with an eye to the future.   And while personalizing is quite desirable, practice moderation if you will be selling in a few years.

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