Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Home Seller Tips: Its the details that sell a house.

The process of selling a home is disruptive to a seller who is still residing in their home.  Interruption to the daily routine is just a way of life until the transaction is closed.

The seller's agent's primary job is to market the  home to the right pool of buyers and get qualified buyer prospects in the seller's house (and get an offer that meets the seller's timeline, price and terms).

But what if the marketing material is flawed?   What if one or more of the critical details is left out - or just as bad - wrong?   These errors cause buyer prospects to disrupt the seller's routine  and then find out the omission is a disqualifying factor?

Its the details that sell a house.

Twice over the past couple of months I have encountered the same situation.  In both cases the marketing materials said the homes were concrete construction which my buyers required.    

In both cases my buyers specifically wanted concrete construction only.   In two cases we "viewed" a home that was "concrete" only to find out it was really wood frame construction.

The point here is not to place blame for the inaccuracies but rather to urge sellers to review their agent's marketing materials to be that "second set of eyes" to find any errors.  

Buyer's agents work hard to qualify their buyer clients.  Buyer's agents do not get paid based on the numbers of homes shown.  Buyers want to show only homes that meet their client's needs.  Accurate marketing materials are key to the process.

If you are selling your Brevard County, Florida home make sure you request your real estate agent provide copies of marketing materials including the MLS entry for your review

Accurate marketing material is critical to minimizing the disruption and getting your home sold sooner.

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