Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Home Seller Tips: "Move in Ready" or "Just Ready to List?"

The Brevard County, Florida housing market has heated up.   Current inventory remains level but is not climbing much.  Buyers outnumber sellers. 

This has resulted in multiple offers and slowly rising prices.

Still, the shifting market has apparently affected some seller attitudes.

I showed a house a few days ago.  The price was rather optimistic - pretty common now.  The listing agent told me up front the "seller expects to get 96-97% of listing price."

Viewing the house confirmed what I suspected - over priced for its location and condition.

Although the market has shifted, seller attitude should not!

Lack of preparation always works against a seller regardless of market.  Overpricing for condition and location is never good regardless of market.

Sometimes buyers will accept less than what they are looking for if the price is right.  Sometimes buyers accept less than desired because of the time line or circumstances.

But more often than not buyers will move on to the next house if the price is above market or condition is less than expected for the price point.

When it is time to sell your Viera, Florida home think "Move in ready" and not "Just ready to list."