Monday, August 10, 2015

Home Seller Tips: Selling Your Home is No Different Than Playing Golf - Understanding Risk

Anyone who has ever attempted to play golf knows it is not easy.   If it were, everyone would be playing and you would never get a tee time!

While watching a PGA Seniors Golf tournament a few weeks ago one of the commentators proclaimed "to play well you have to take what the course gives for the conditions."

Being a real estate agent I immediately thought about home sellers and how they (and their real estate agents) could learn from that proclamation.

In golf one can play aggressive and likely end up in trouble.

A golfer who makes a living playing could end up missing the cut and not making money.  An aggressive home seller may take a chance by pricing high for the market, condition and competition with the result being failure.

The golf course conditions set the likely best score a golfer can get with their game.  The real estate market sets the most likely price.

Understanding this, as well as the risk for being aggressive, is key for accepting the results.

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