Friday, August 28, 2015

Selling Your Home: Inform with these listing terms!

There are times when a real estate agent struggles to come up with something "nice" to say about a property.  This may have been the case with a recent MLS entry I read where the narrative prominently included "Check out the awesome tree in the front yard!"

And while this may not seem like a major selling point it may have been one of the best qualities of the property.   It is much better in my opinion to use words that accurately reflect the property than some vague flowery words.  Facts speak when selling a home!

Some words and phrases are not very well defined.  Sometimes it is simply a case of  beauty in the eye of beholder).

What do some of these words and phrases bring to your mind?  Can you see it or is it just fluff?  Do these phrases really inform?

    Don't believe everything you read.   While the above is my opinion the following infographic provided by the Florida Realtors provides terms based on a university study.

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