Saturday, January 9, 2016

Home Seller Tips: Is a "For Sale" Sign Really Necessary?

Is a "For Sale" sign really that important?   Should a seller skip having a sign out front?  

While it is not very common over the past ten or so years I have ran into several home owners in Viera, Florida who opted for no signage in their front yard when placing their Melbourne home for sale. 

Probably less common than not having a sign are the sellers who do not want a lock box on their home.

I recommend having both for one who really does want to sell their home.  After all selling involves pricing appropriately, preparing a home properly and presentation - as in being able to see it it without roadblocks. 
Still, some opt out of a sign.  

Why would a home seller not want a "For Sale" sign?   The reasons run the spectrum of reasonable to huhh?

There are the sellers who do not want their neighbors to now they are selling their home.  Why?  I encourage sellers to enlist the support of your neighbors in marketing their home.

Then there are sellers who, for security reasons, may think their home is a target for thieves.  This is most often the case when the property is unoccupied. 

Drive through any neighborhood.  Signs are not natural.  People see curbs, lawns, mailboxes, cars, homes.

A big bright colored "For Sale" sign in the front yard stands out....

like a guy wearing a lamp shade at the office party, people will notice!

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