Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Home Seller Tips: The More Information Available, The Easier For Buyers To Decide.

When a home goes on the market the age of the key components and systems is usually disclosed - especially if they are newer.  This is great information for a buyer to know when it comes to the costly systems like the roof and air conditioning (particularly in Florida).
But I suggest sellers make available other information that prospective buyers may find helpful.  The more information a prospective Florida home buyer has at their disposal, the easier for them to make a decision to make an offer or move along.  Things like...

Utility bills.  Perhaps one or two from the hottest months to give a general impression of the higher costs.  It would nice to have an idea of where the thermostat is set during these months as well.   This is directly linked to the age and energy rating of the HVAC system. 
Lawn service.  Many homeowners do not take care of their lawns and have a service handle the the mowing and other necessary related upkeep (like sprinkler system, trimming trees, etc).  How much do you pay?  Any recommended service providers?
Water costs.  How much is your usual monthly water bill?  
Reclaimed water.  Is you lawn system on reclaimed water (what cost) or is there a well.  Depending on the lawn (i.e. St. Augustine grass), the amount of water necessary can be greater (and more costly).
Pool maintenance.   What is the cost of your monthly pool service?  Is it self maintained or contracted? If so, who is the the service provider?  
Cost for trash service.  Sometimes it is included in the property tax bill so this is not a needed item. But if it is paid separately, prospective buyers should have idea of the cost.
Homeowner Insurance cost. While policy coverage can vary and different carriers charge varying rates, prospective buyers would like to have an idea what to expect.
Flood insurance.  Is it required?  If so, what is the cost?  Sometimes buyers will ask about flood potential. In the Brevard County area back in 2008 Tropical Storm Fay dropped like 30 inches of rain on the area in a three day or so period. How did the area handle the deluge?

Beyond the monthly mortgage costs (principal, interest, taxes, insurance) homeowners will have to expect the above costs as well as homeowner association fees, utilities and upkeep. 

The more information a prospective buyer has at their disposal when viewing your home the easier it will be for them to make a decision - either good or not.

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