Monday, July 18, 2016

How to NOT Sell Your Florida Home.

You want to not sell your house?    Well here is a short primer on how not to sell your home.
  • Smell.  Odors, whether from smoking, last night's fish or whatever will turn a prospect as quickly as anything.
  • Inaccessible.  Rarely will a house sell if a buyer has to jump through hurdles to get inside.  Having an "agent must accompany all showings" or "24 hour notice required" will not promote viewings.
  • Competition/price.  There is a reasonable price range based on your competition.  If too much above it, then buyers may skip your house.
  • Location.  This goes right along with the pricing and competition.  Your neighborhood or location will command only a certain range of prices.
  • Neighbors.  Although its only the house for sale it is also your neighborhood and neighbors.  Loud music, cars parked on the lawn, overgrown, and neglected lawns all tell a story.  
  • Photos and clutter.  The home is for sale.  Too many photos or personal items (actually anything whatsoever) that distracts from your house is not a good thing.  If it has a handle buyers will open it!
  • Dated.  I had someone stop by an open house on Saturday. They have their home for sale.  They proudly stated they were the second owners since it was built in 1957.  They also indicated it needed updating as it still had the original pink stove, etc.  Most buyers do not want original equipment in a 1960s or 1970s house.  Shag carpet was nice back then!
Want to know how to sell your home?   Consider doing the opposite of the above items...
  • Clean
  • De-clutter
  • De-personalize
  • Be flexible with scheduling showings
  • Enlist your neighbors help
  • Do some basic updating (within reason and budget)
  • Price it right for your location, motivation and circumstances (choose the right real estate agent!)