Friday, August 12, 2016

Selling Your Home: Use the Right Bait.

The first hurdle prospective home sellers, especially longtime owner-sellers, must clear before putting their home on the market is they are selling a house and not a home.

While it may be perfectly natural for a person to become sentimental when selling a home the nostalgia must be tempered.  The nice thing about memories is they are easily transported to the next home.

Although not the only factor in selling a house pricing is the key factor.  Pricing a house unrealistically is akin to fishing with no bait. 

Anyone who has done much fishing understands their target and the best bait for the environment.

Similarly, when selling a home, it is key a seller (through their real estate agent) understand the environment of the sale.

The environment encompasses factors like
  • seller reason, 
  • motivation and 
  • circumstances (timeline, existing mortgage, property condition, competition).
With an understanding of the environment the bait (price) is chosen.

Pricing too high is like fishing with no bait whatsoever. 

Sometimes, a less than ideal bait will get some nibbles and, even a catch occasionally. 

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