Friday, September 16, 2016

Choosing Your Realtor: Want a Listing Agent or a Seller's Agent?

When I speak with prospective home sellers in the Viera, Florida area I like to point out the difference between having a home "For Sale" and home "listed" in the multiple listing service (MLS).

Put another way.....There are two types of agents to choose from  - "Listing Agents" and "Seller's Agents."

What is the difference?   Mechanics and results.

There are the mechanics of listing a home which most real estate agents can manage to complete. 
Then there are the results...  Sold!  Sold! does not just happen.  

Sold! is the culmination of a planned process with a realistic achievable goal.

What does the process involve?  

Beyond the basic steps like listing agreements, disclosures, signs, entry into the MLS system, etc. there are the details of the process like providing advice and counsel regarding pricing and preparation.  There is the communication and responsiveness to the client and prospective customers/buyers.   There is the development of a marketing plan that makes sure the pool of most likely buyers know the home is for sale (more than a sign and MLS entry).

Here are a few articles on the home selling process...

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Remember, real estate agents get paid when property is sold - not listed.