Sunday, October 23, 2016

Home Seller Tips: The Four Ps of Selling Your Home

This morning I received a text from another agent whose listing I had shown buyers last week.  The text was simple...agent bonus of $XXXX for buyer.

I did not respond for a couple of reasons. 

If my buyers had really liked the house we would have made an offer.  Secondly, offering me a bonus will not cause me to push any specific property on my buyer customers.

There are lots of "games" used when selling a home.  I recently published "Will Pokemon Go help you sell your house?" on another blog I write. 

Games do not sell homes. 

So what sells homes?

Start with the four Ps of selling your home Preparation is key.  Pricing is a number one.  Promotion is vital.  Presentation is critical.

Preparation begins before a house gets listed.  Sellers usually get one chance to impress prospective buyers. A house that has not been prepared beforehand will not be likely get a second visit.

Pricing must reflect seller motivation, circumstances and competition.  It goes without saying it must also be a reflection of the property's real condition.

Promotion is simple.  Getting your home's information in front of the most potential prospective buyers.  This involves your local real estate agent having marketing plan which has identified who the likely buyer will be and where they will come from.

Presentation is key.  This is a broad topic.  It involves ease of being seen by prospective buyers (no 24 advance notice, no agent must accompany all showings, no owner must be present, etc.).  Most serious buyers have a tight schedule and the ability to view when seeing other homes is key.  Accommodation when possible is critically important. 

Presentation also can be interpreted as being "show ready" every day the home is on the market. Unless a house is vacant buyers understand that there are people living there.  Still, forgoing some routines and habits for the short time a house is actively on the market is a small price for finding a buyer.

Selling a house is an orderly process.  It begins with the decision to sell.  The next decision should be choosing a local knowledgeable real estate agent to sell your home.

Your real estate agent is key to the process and can offer solid advice.

If you are considering selling your Rockledge, Florida home, call or text me at 321-693-3850 for your free market analysis.  I would be happy to discuss the process and make recommendations on how to best prepare your home.

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