Monday, October 31, 2016

Selling Your House: Your Pricing Already Reflects This. Does Your House as Well?

When it comes to selling a house or condo it is always the price that seems to be the "driver."   Regardless of where the price falls against the competition one thing is certain. 

Price reflects the seller's motivation.

But sellers must not forget motivation is conveyed to prospective buyers in other ways.

How do prospective buyers "read" the seller's motivation.  Let me count the ways...
  • First, price is the number one indicator.   Put another way...price is the smell test.
  • Condition.  If  a house is not ready for new owners prospective buyers many buyer prospects will doubt the seller really wants to move it.
  • Accessibility.  If getting in to see a house is more difficult than scheduling a doctors appointment then the seller may not relay be motivated to sell.
Sellers hire real estate agents for one thing - results.

Even the best agent in the world can't deliver if the motivation and cooperation is not there.

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