Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Selling Your Melbourne, Florida House... Its About Offering Value!

Selling a house involves some pretty basic concepts with one goal in mind - attracting someone who sees the value!

The first, and most important concept, is pricing.  Price should reflect motivation, competition as well as the seller's circumstances. 

The second concept to consider is packaging.  Regardless of reason for selling it is critical a house be prepared to sell before it goes on the market. 

Think of the preparation as packaging the product.  Sometimes the packaging and price just defy logic as illustrated by the picture below I snapped while in a Melbourne, Florida store some time ago!

The package above is advertising a  great value but is it?   $7.00 for a value package and $3.00 each if purchased separately.

It is not very uncommon for a MLS entry to tout "Won't last long!" in the narrative describing the property.  It is also not uncommon to see the days on the market longer than the average for the area!

Anyone considering selling their Melbourne, Florida home should discuss the entire sales process with a local knowledgeable Realtor.   

Beyond pricing and packaging your real estate agent will discuss competition, time lines, potential obstacles, cost associated with selling, safety issues, types of potential buyer financing, and much more.

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