Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Home Buyer Tips: All buyers will become sellers at some point!

If a home is not going to be a buyer's "forever home" I always urge caution in the decision.  More specifically, I suggest consideration be given to the end game.   All buyers will become sellers at some point!
By that I mean consider points such as
  • How long one will live in the house?
  • What is the purpose of the purchase (invest, primary residence)?
  • What about the length of ownership planned/potential, etc.? 
  • Design questions like pool or two story should be considered.
If the intent is to sell and move up later then consider whether some characteristics are worth paying the money now?  Some characteristics of your home will restrict your buyer pool.

What are some of the characteristics that will cause buyers to scratch your home off their list?

The obvious ones include location and/or the presence of a home owner association.  If there is a homeowner association what is the fee structure?    When it comes to associations there is no middle ground - people either like them or not!

Consider whether a two story home is really needed.  Two story homes are less common in this area.  If your prospective buyers are retirees/older then the hassle of a second floor can be limiting.  Even if the buyer is younger there is a certain inconvenience to being multi-level.

Still, if a two story design is desired consider having the master suite on the first floor.   I have found buyers will be more likely to consider a two story if the master suite is on the ground floor and the other bedrooms are upstairs!

Another consideration is the private in ground pool.   Lets face it, not everyone wants a pool.  Pools require additional maintenance as well as increases risk and property insurance.

My point is what you want but consider what you will be doing down the road. Five or six years from now when it is time to sell is the wrong time to think if only this was a one story!
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