Saturday, July 18, 2009

Are you the “real deal?”

Pardon me for asking, but I must. Are you for real? The real estate market has been going through a period of, as the experts say, correction.

Sellers have finally realized the critical nature of pricing to sell. They know there is more to marketing than sticking a sign out front. The sheer volume of short sales and bank owned properties have applied the pressure. Thus, prices are pretty attractive.

Some buyers have taken the down market to mean that every sale is a short sale. Not every sale is a short sale. Not every sale is a foreclosure sale.

So now we find ourselves with lots of buyer interest. If you are the real deal (a serious buyer), you will have done your home work prior to going out looking.

What is the home work? Get started by discussing mortgage qualification with a reputable lender (a local bank is a good start). Are you qualified to take advantage of the first time buyer tax credit of up to $8,000?

Research the area to narrow your preferred location. Separate your needs and wants and reconcile them with your budget. Find a good agent who will work with you and…

find the deal since you are the real deal!

Gary Waters, Florida licensed real estate, Century 21 Baytree Realty, Rockledge Florida. Read my blog, Florida Homes for Sale and Brevard County Homes for Sale.