Saturday, October 24, 2009

Choices you make today impact your tomorrows...

Some decisions in life carry a greater impact on your future well being than others. Choices you made yesterday impact your life today. And it will continue throughout eternity.

Such is the case when it comes to buying a house.
I was thumbing through an old real estate "get rich quick" book this morning. Amazing the advice that was out here in early to mid 2000s!

Many homeowners and businesses (read that as banks) are now paying the price for bad choices. I remember reading where it said borrow your downpayment. I remember reading where it said to flip it for a profit.

Where there is a winner there must also be a loser....unless you are playing children's sports on a Saturday morning! Eventually even those children learn it is more fun to win!

So, if you are considering purchasing a home or condo, having a baby, going in the military, or whatever, remember...choices you make today impact your tomorrows.

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