Sunday, February 14, 2010

Why not make "one day when" tomorrow?

Many times we dream about that distant time referred to as “one day.”
  • One day we will buy that new house…
  • One day we will move to Florida and enjoy life….
  • One day when I win the lottery…
  • One day when something else happens!
One day when may never come….

I was reading a story on the Palm Beach Post website about Scott Wilson, only 23 who had recently graduated from the University of Central Florida who was killed when a driver ran a stop sign and broad sided his car.

I heard about someone yesterday who was on a heart transplant waiting list.  This person may be my age (50s).  Last June one of my friends suddenly passed away (only mid 50s).

Life is short and unpredictable.  Live it now.

Why not make "one day when" tomorrow?    Whatever it is you are going to do, why wait?