Monday, July 5, 2010

Sometimes it is best to just mail a check I guess….

I am not a “luddite” but sometimes I hate computers! Strange coming from someone who has several blogs, a Facebook, Twitter and Linked-in accounts and more.  But sometimes “they” are in charge and we mere mortals can do nothing. 

Take, for instance, the online system at Florida Power and Light Company.   My wife attempted to make her usual online bill payment earlier this week.  We had changed checking accounts recently and she updated the system.   She entered the payment amount, click and…it went to the old closed account.

frustration The system has an edit button but it was there for looks only.

So the next morning I called the local number ands was told to call my bank.  The FPL clerk did not understand it was a closed account.

Her supervisor advised me that the computer was in charge. In about five days they will get a response from the bank that the account is closed.  Amazing how she knew it would take five days...I wonder if I am not the first...

Further, I could not make a payment from my real account because “the system” does not allow me to pay in advance! 

Sometimes it is best to just mail a check I guess….

FPL's system for assigning a $23 charge for a returned payment certainly works.  I am wondering if  life may not be better in the dark...I mean FPL has lights but they are still in the dark when service is an issue!