Sunday, August 8, 2010

you are not that special…

Our individuality and differing tastes make us different.  Take a stroll in the mall or along the shore at Cocoa Beach, Florida and you will see a wide variety of looks and confirmation that we are definitely different!

It is the same with people selling a house or condo.
No matter how often it is spoken - sellers always think their place is special and so much better than the next guy! 

The reality is your preferences may be extreme nonconformist, nontraditional, or just plain gaudy. 
  • Go with the neutral decor even if you think it is boring! 
  • Go with the traditional exterior paint even though you prefer pink! 
  • Get rid of excess furnishings although in your mind there is no clutter. 
  • Forget the fish fry even though the smell is not a bother to you!
  • Take all those pictures off the fridge. 
  • Clear the counters although you like the easy access to your kitchen stuff! 
  • Open up the blinds although you like the privacy.
  • You may love the dog but buyers may not want the chew toys on the floor and the doggies jumping on them!
You have to compete with the other sellers because you are NOT that special…really! 

Originally posted on August 8,2010 at Florida Homes and Condos for Sale.