Sunday, October 23, 2011

Selling Your Brevard County Home: Choosing Your Brevard County, Florida Real Estate Agent.

Fired before hired... I have had that happen to me.

No, it is not one of those hit the road moments but rather when the prospect and I both realize it just is not going to work.

Sometimes it is while discussing the Brevard County, Florida real estate market with a buyer prospect (are you a qualified buyer?).

I have had it happen more than a few times over the years with sellers, particularly in the Viera and Suntree areas.  (Are you a motivated enough to sell your home in a buyer’s market?)

Selling your home is work - for both the you and your real estate agent.  It takes motivation.
A real estate agent, no matter how good, can not motivate a seller.

It is not than I am an overly selective real estate agent but why shouldn't I be choosy about my clients?  It is my reputation.  It is my livelihood.

Call me when you are ready to sell your Brevard County home!

It is my commitment to exceed client expectations.