Friday, August 10, 2012

Finding a Rental Property in Brevard County, Florida – Making demands will not make you a tenant!

I don’t show a lot of rental properties in Brevard County, Florida.   But one thing I have noticed lately makes me think prospective tenants need to learn a few things about the rental process.

The process is simple..
  1. Owner (owner's agent) places property on market available for lease.
  2. Prospective tenant views property.  
  3. Prospective tenant completes an application along with any fees required. 
  4. Owner (or property manager) does background check.
  5. Owner (property manager) makes a decision based on background check, credit worthiness, acceptability of move-in dates, etc.
The landlord (owner) sets the rental rate.  The landlord may negotiate the terms depending on the market.  I have always recommended tenant prospects request a little concession in rental rate.  It doesn't hurt.  All they can say is "No!"

Owners want long term tenants.  The landlord want a tenant with whom they can foster a good relationship – especially owners who manage their own properties.  Owners who manage their own properties typically pay about one month's rent to a real estate agent to find them a tenant.  Every renewal saves the owner money!

Landlords want a good cooperative tenant.  The landlord wants someone who will pay on time.  The landlord wants a tenant who will report maintenance issues before they become full blown after hour service calls or damage the property. Landlords want someone who will not disturb the neighbors or damage the property.

It pays to be a good tenant.  I have known many landlords who have not raised the rent in years because they had a good tenant in place.

When looking at a potential rental property making demands like a “top to bottom” paint, or replacement of all carpeting and you will consider renting the unit will not make you a tenant.

Most landlords will certainly entertain requests.  Demanding anything is not the best approach.  Sometimes it is a matter of working out the logistics like an owner buying the paint if the tenant does the labor.

Sometimes the greater goal is fostering a good relationship between landlord and tenant.  This may just save everyone money in the future!