Monday, October 22, 2012

Home Seller Tips: Listing Photos – Big and Empty?

Even if you are going to be moving before you put your home on the market call your real estate agent early.

Why?  I really want need to take photos before you load the truck!  I want to see your home before you take away all of your belongings. 

I believe photos with furniture in a room helps add scale.   While sometimes some of your furniture should be removed to relieve a cluttered appearance removing it all can leave a blank, ho-hum boring picture!   Neutral walls, beige carpet and no contents will not compete well against a staged house down the street - especially if the prices are close.

If you have ever looked at interior pictures of homes for sale and then gone to see it in person, you may have noticed some rooms look smaller in real life.  Or, on the other hand, the room is larger than it appeared online.  Help your buyers see your home for the space it really offers.

Neutral walls and big curtains alone do not make great marketing materials.

Remember the three keys (Three "Ps") to selling your home are...
  1. Pricing it competitively. 
  2. Promoting your home to potential buyers (your real estate agent's number one job!). 
  3. Presentation. Getting it in its best possible condition and making it available for prospective buyers to see when they want o see it.,

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