Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Changes in the real estate market.... What do these big investors know that you don't?

Sometimes change is good.  Rapid change, however, may not be good.

The real estate markets are changing.   

Markets is used here because there is no single real estate market.  Even within a geographical area such as Brevard County there are areas where prices are climbing and others where the market lags somewhat.

Major investor groups are buying up homes and becoming landlords.  This is occurring throughout the country.  In Florida it has been happening for some time over in the Tampa Bay area.

In Brevard County I have seen several recent transactions involving outside investor groups.  I had one recent closing where the same investor group purchased another home across the street.  And these were not your "fixer upper" investor targets but rather nice homes in a desirable gated community.

I was involved in another closing where the seller was an investment group from out of the area.

I was told these investors buy now and hold for three to five years as a rental property.  Then when the market values increase to an acceptable level they will sell and make their profits. 

There has always been big money (investors) in rental properties however it has been mostly apartment communities.  Now it will be the single family home sector as well.

If you have considered buying a home, the time may be right. 

What do these big investors know that you don't?  Interest rates low and prices are rising....

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