Monday, May 27, 2013

Home Seller Tips - The path of least resistance....

While reviewing listings for possible showing appointments this week I noticed one with showing instructions for a property located within a gated community that required "escorted showings only."

There appears to be nothing really special about this house.  Then I noticed the same real estate agent had three homes listed in the same community.  All three have the same instructions.

Another note said the listing agent needs to accompany to point out the features Now the light came on! 

Adequate marketing material will point out the features.   I have seen very nice brochures prepared and strategically placed in the property where prospective buyers could review and take with them for reference.

Escorted showings, 24 hour notice, showings only after 5 p.m., etc. violate one common sense rule of selling your home - provide prospective buyers a path of least resistance when they want view your home.

Most buyers do not want the seller or their agent present.  Most buyers want to feel relaxed when looking at properties - not the pressure of being "sold."

In my opinion, unless a property has some extraordinary qualities as found in custom built  higher end properties, there is no need to "sell" a property.

My experience has been a house sells itself regardless of who does the presentation.