Sunday, May 26, 2013

Negotiating your real estate transaction: "Well, I would have paid more."

Negotiating in a shifting real estate market is a lot more tricky than it was six months ago.  The key to successful real estate negotiation begins with an understanding of your position.

First, do you really want the property?  This is applicable whether buyer or attempting to rent.  If you are serious, think serious offer.  Don't low ball - even with rentals.

It is not the first offer on the table gets it.   In Brevard County, Florida there are multiple offers occurring on purchases and rentals.  It is the best offer, the cleanest offer, the best price, the fewest contingencies, etc.

Next, what are your alternatives?  Are you looking at other homes?  Do you have plenty of time to consider other opportunities?

In this market you are likely not the only horse in the race!

Sometimes, as I heard earlier this week,  "Well, I would have paid more." in no longer an option.

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