Sunday, June 30, 2013

Choosing your real estate agent: How long have you been a real estate agent? Why this is not the right question...

I have written multiple times on the topic of "How to choose your real estate agent."  Several discussed the real estate agent interview process and questions you should expect as well as ask every agent.

One of the most over used questions when choosing a real estate agent is this one - "How long have you been a real estate agent?"

Why is this not the best question?

Length of licensure is a lessor concern.  What comes to mind if you hear a doctor saying "Been in medicine for fifty years."  If they are practicing medicine as they did in 1960 then there may be an issue.

Sometimes "How long?" becomes a focus when the real focus should be "How successful?" 

Keeping a real estate license current in the state of Florida, after initial licensing, is a matter of taking the required continuing education courses and paying a fee every two years.  Why don't they add some type of verifiable experience?

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