Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Home Seller Tips: The "Secret" to Selling Your Home.

Houses sell themselves.  Real estate agents are only a mechanism to facilitate the process. 

A real estate agent will provide exposure to the right pool of buyers.  A real estate agent will advise on preparation and pricing and monitor the process once a deal has been reached..

But a real estate agent can not sell your house.

Here is the secret to selling your house:  Appeal to a prospective buyer's motivation. 

Most sellers know who their buyer will likely be.  While sellers may not know the buyer's name, they should know the general characteristics of the buyer.

So the key is simple - appeal to their motivation.  [Notice I did not say "your" motivation.]

If the buyer is an investor, what is the potential for return on investment?   Does your price offer some room for eventual positive cash flow?

If the buyer will be an owner occupant, does your home and neighborhood offer the right location, proximity to work, schools or recreation?  What is the buyer's time frame?  Do they need a quick closing?

More importantly, if your target is the owner occupant, is your home in the condition your target buyer expects?   Is it being marketed as a "move in ready" home?   If so, is it move in ready?   If it is a "fixer upper,"  say so and price it as one.  

As a seller you are in complete control of the message your house sends to prospective buyers.  

Make sure your home speaks to the buyer's motivation! 

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