Friday, August 9, 2013

What is a buyer's agent? Must I sign a contract with a real estate agent?

The real estate process is not something most people are familiar with unless they are in the business.   Although it is really not that complex it does have a language of its own.

More importantly, the enormity of the financial decision makes it imperative the process is clearly understood by buyers and sellers.

Home buyers need to start with their own real estate agent... a buyer's agent.

The first thing home buyers should understand is the seller pays for their real estate agent.  So why would they not have their own agent?  (In Brevard County, Florida call me at 321-693-3850).

What is a buyer's agent?  Must I sign a contract with a real estate agent?

Some real estate agents want all prospective buyer customers to sign a buyer agency agreement or else they will not work with them.  The agreement says that they will use their services to buy a house.

I have never had a buyer sign an agency agreement.

Maybe I am a bit naive but my client relationships are built on trust.   I will trust you, the buyer, to stick with me throughout the process.  Of course there may come a time when I part ways with a buyer or seller.

Real estate transactions are stressful whether buyer or seller.

One key to a successful real estate agent-customer relationship is establishing a comfort level that will allow open, honest communication. 

If you are looking for a buyer's agent in Brevard County, Florida give me a call at 321-693-3850.